Susan Olsen Staff Photo


                                                    Third Grade Behavior 


Chit-Chat-Chart- Third grade students are still learning self control. One of the biggest hurdles is staying on task instead of chatting with our neighbors. If a student is being disruptive, they are asked to pull a chit-chat tab. This is their warning. If they pull another tab in the same classroom during the week, their agenda will be written in. Remember, they will be moving to different teachers all day long. This will give them six chances per week.



Whole Class Rewards- Third grade uses a fish bowl/ticket system. If we see a student behaving in a positive manner, they will be rewarded by putting their name into the fishbowl. At the end of the week, each teacher draws names to see who will receive tiger tickets!

Yes! Your child will get flex time (recess) every single day!!! If your child has pulled a chit chat, he/she must walk a lap for every tab pulled before they are allowed to join their classmates to play. This allows both the benefit of daily exercise as well as giving the child time to think about the choices they have made.