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Grades and Homework 


A Math homework sheet will be given on Monday and due in class on Friday. The homework sheet is not long or difficult. It is intended only for review and practice. REPETITION IS ESSENTIAL FOR MATH FLUENCY!

 There will be 2 math grades a week. A content quiz will cover the new skill taught that week, and the fluency quiz will cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and various other review skills covered through homework and calendar math.

 Tests will be given after each unit. For instance, our first unit test will cover all skills under Place Value. The dates for these tests will be given closer to time.

 Project grades will be limited to 1 per semester.

 For Science, there will be a content quiz each week that covers that week's objective, and a test at the end of each unit. Most units will follow the science textbook, but we will only cover material in the book that follows the TN state standards for science. We will use other resources as well.

A study guide will be sent home at least 2 days before a test. Typically, the students will have time in class to work on the guides and they should study and review it at home. 

A grade will be given periodically for the science notebooks. There is a rubric attached to the front of it. 

Science Homework TBA