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Links (Instructional Websites)
TN Ready 
Student Assessment in Tennessee

TN Department of Education: TN Ready Overview

TN Ready Test Blue Print 

Focus Guide for Leaders

Utah Practice Test Portal

Teacher Resources: District-wide Instructional Software

Online resource with tutorials & assessments for K-8.

Britannica ImageQuest

Britannica School

Education City

Great interactive tutorials for grades K-5.

Learn 360

Videos and other teacher resources for grades K-12.

Computer skills, digital citizenship and problem solving tutorials for grades K-8.

Tennessee Electronic Library

Tumble Book Library

Digital books and other teacher resources for grades K-12.

Instructional Technology
Office Blogs

Keep up with the latest Microsoft information and updates.  Use the filtering tools at the top of the page to narrow your search for specific products.

One Note In Education Blog

Stay up up to date with the latest updates and information about OneNote with this Microsoft Blog.  Updates include Usage and details regarding Class Notebooks, Microsoft Classroom, and Notebook Add Ins.

e-Instruction Board Tutorials

Online Safety & Copyright Law
Copy Right Law Guide

Teacher Resources: Professional Development Websites
Institute of Education Sciences

Library of Congress - Teacher Professional Development Website

Screencast-O-Matic: Record On-Screen Lesson Videos

Teacher Channel - Resources for Ongoing Professional Dev

TEAM - Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model for Teacher Evaluation

Tennessee State Laws (TCA - TN Code Annotated) Lexis-Nexis Public Access

TN Department of Education Information on School Health and Safety

TN DOE - Educator Licensing Information Resources for Educators

TVAAS Information: Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System

Teacher Resources: U.S. and Tennessee Department of Education Publications
Defining Tennessee Education: A Glossary of Education Terms

Volume 1 / January 2016

Compiled by the Tennessee Comptroller's Office, this document defines an extensive list of educational terms and may serve as a great resource for parents and educators.  

U.S. Dept. of Education Free Publications

Appalachian Electric Teacher Resources
AEC Teacher Features

AEC Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources: Classroom Instruction and Student Assessment - Large Set of Interactive Online Lessons - K-8th Math Practice Categorized by Topic

ABC Mouse - Preschool through Kindergarten Online Learning - K-5 Flashcards, Worksheets, & Learning Games

Appalachian Electric Youth Energy Project - A Collection of Historically Significant Media

Assessment - TN DOE of Practice Tests

Basic Skills Learning Online - Jefferson County Schools K-8

Beacon Learning Center - K-12 Student Web Lessons - 1st-5th Grade Level Vocabulary & Grammar - Interactive Video/Audio Learning

BrainPOPjr - Practice K-3 Skills by Subject

Busy Teacher's Cafe - K-6th Education Resources

Clip Art - Free for Schoolwork and Educators

Create Online Quizzes and Organize Results

Discovery Education for Teachers


Education World of Studies and Teacher Resources 

Exploring - Science for the Classroom

Fact Monster - Test Your Knowledge and Learn New Information

FlipQuiz Interactive Assessment

FunBrain Interactive Learning Website

Generate Citations in MLA, APA & Chicago Formats for your Bibliography

History - A Day by Day Information Resource

A day by day guide to historical events with a website resource related to the event. 

How Stuff Works - Science & Technology - Teaches Social Studies and Government - Classroom Practice by Categorized Subject 

InfoPlease: Facts and Information about Science, History, Culture and more

Interactive Competition Learning Games - Comprehensive Subjects

Interactive Learning Activities for 1st - 8th Grades

Interactive Visual Estimator of Length, Volume, and More - Practice Math & Language Arts K-12

K-12 Online Math Resources 

K-6 Math Instructional Videos -

Keyboading Skills - Learning and Practice Site

Kids National Geographic - Informational and Educational Content - K-5th Learning Activities

Library of Congress - Classroom Materials

Library of Congress - Lesson Plans for Educators

Math & Science Integration: STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Math - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Flashcards Online

Math - Online Lessons

Math - Test and Worksheet Generators for Math Teachers

Math ACT Practice Online

Math and Science: Vast Online Dictionary of Measurement Terms

Math Classroom Skills

Math Mysteries to Solve - Whole Class Activities 

Math Playground Online Primarily K-6 Math Learning

Math Skills Building at Math Fact Cafe

Math Teaching Resource: NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Math Worksheet Generator Site - Master Multiplication Facts and Factors

National Geographic - News and Information

National Park Service - TN Information and Locations - Information on Internet Safety 

NoteStar is an Internet utility to assist in the preparation of research papers

Online Internet Safety Quiz -

PBS Learning

Science 360

SlideShare Instructional Presentations

Social Studies - Information & Interesting Facts on all 50 States in the U.S.

Stem Resources

Teach-Nology - Lesson Plans, Organizers, and Printable Media

Teacher Tube

Tennessee - Free Genealogy Resources

The Library of Congress

The Teaching Channel

The website that adults go to for activities with their kids.


U.S.G.S. - United States Geological Service - Information, Printable Maps and Materials

Watch, Know & Learn

Substitute Teacher Resources
Classroom Management

Fred Jones Substitute Teacher 

Substitute Teacher Resources 

Super Substitute Teacher 

Thriving Substitute Teacher Manual