Tara Turner Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Third Grade Math


  Elementary:  Several different schools in Atlanta and the Nashville area

  Middle School: Liberty School

  High School: Shelbyville Central High School

  College: Middle Tennessee State University

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Who is Mrs. Turner?

Family:  Married to JD Turner and have 2 daughters and 1 son. 


Favorite food: Squash casserole (hold the onions please), fried mushrooms


Most hated food: Onions or lettuce  (YUCK!)


Favorite Sport (team): 

College: Alabama  ROLL TIDE!  (football)

Professional: Tennessee Titans


Hobbies: reading, writing, working puzzles, drawing, and surfing the internet SchoolCenter Picture


Favorite TV Show:  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, GLEE!, Project Runway, and American Idol (I miss Simon!)



Movie: Walk the Line, Wizard of Oz, The Temptations Movie (for some reason every time I think about Walk the Line I want to call it Ring of Fire and it makes me want to sing!)

Favorite music or Pop Star (group): I love all kinds of music - from the Beatles to Beyonce.  I typically listen to country music, but in the mornings I like to listen to 80s on 8 or 90s on 9 to get me pumped up for a great day!

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Pets: I have 1 cat (Izzy) the TV watching cat, and 3 dogs: a shih-tzu (Sophie), a pomerian (Bella), and a mutt (Sweetie) Sweetie is 19 years old.  In dog years that's 133 years old. 


Coolest place you've traveled:  I am so lucky - I've been a lot of places.  My some of my favorite places were Lake Garda, Italy; Paris, France; London, England; and the Spanish Coast. Last summer I went to Paris, Venice, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast.  If I could live any where in the world, I'd live in Sorrento or Positano, Italy. 

Best Quality: My students said that my best quality was my sense of humor. 


What I like best about school: I love, love, love learning.  I hope that my love of learning spreads to my students like a bad cold!  :)

What I dislike about school: The hours!  Why, oh why, must we get up so early?  I'd love school so much more if we could start about 10:00am!


What made you want to be a teacher?:

When I came back to Liberty in middle school, it was a hard transition for me.  Martha McGee treated me so special and showed a geniune interest in me.  It's hard to be the new kid in a small school (Liberty was A LOT smaller back then).  She went out of her way to make me feel like a part of the Liberty family.  I never forgot that and I wanted to have the opportunity to change lives like Ms. McGee did for me.  Mrs. McGee is now Mrs. Fisher, and she's the current principal of Cascade Elementary School


If I wasn't a teacher, I'd be....an ultrasound technician.  That sounds like a really cool job.